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Flipping the Script on Fear & Insecurity with Oneka McClellan

Season 5 | Episode 5

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Julie Mullins

March 6, 2023

How do you flip the script on fear and insecurity? In this episode, Pastor Oneka McClellan shares about creating a value revolution, using your words to speak life, and learning to find your value and worth in God—not in a guy.    


So Good Moments: 

  • How Oneka’s (single) mom instilled courage in her at a young age.
  • How a Biblical story about Mary and Elizabeth shows us the power of encouragement.
  • Practical ways we can change the tide on social media from competing to cheering each other on. 
  • Simple practices to cultivate honor and encouragement inside the home.      
  • Advice for anyone struggling with anger who wants to stop the cycle.
  • Oneka’s story of dating the wrong guys and finding the right one. 

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Questions for Discussion:

  •  Who has been one of the biggest encouragers in your life, and why?
  •  Pastor Oneka shared practical ways to cheer others on; what are some other ways to champion those around you?
  •  Pastor Oneka shared ways she and her husband cultivate honor in their home. What does honor look like to you?
  •  How has insecurity or fear reared its head in your life? What has helped you overcome it the most?

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