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Regaining Vision After You’ve Been Blindsided

Season 2 | Episode 5

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Julie Mullins

March 28, 2022

Whether you’ve experienced the hurt of a betrayal or the shock of being blindsided, Pastor Charlotte Gambill wants to show you how to recover your vision and regain your strength. In this episode, Charlotte shares how to uncover your blind spots, take a step towards healing and begin to see clearly again.


So Good Moments: 

  • What happens when our spiritual vision gets injured. 
  • Jesus’ response in Mark 8 to the man who was blinded by unbelief. 
  • How to move to a mature place of “self-editing” when it comes to your blind spots. 
  • What accountability really is (and why it gets a bad rap).   
  • How Charlotte leans into the promptings and nudges from God. 
  • Why the Church needs more vessels for God—and less ornaments.   

Question: What is your now word?  


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