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So Good Leadership

Season 1 | Episode 2

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Julie Mullins

November 1, 2021

Pastor Todd joins Pastor Julie for the So Good Sisterhood podcast! Tune in to their discussion on women in leadership, challenges they’ve faced while leading together, and the importance of recognizing the Holy Spirit in our lives. Pastors Todd and Julie don’t shy away from sharing the real-life leadership lessons they’ve learned.


“So Good” Moments: 

  • How Pastors Todd and Julie met, fell in love, and jumped into ministry together.
  • Practical advice for couples who work together and want to maintain balance in their personal and professional lives.
  • How Pastor Todd studied the theology of women in ministry and arrived at a solid conclusion. 
  • The most challenging season of leading Christ Fellowship to date and what they learned from it.
  • The importance of leading with convictions, not opinions.
  • What it means to host the Holy Spirit inside of us. 

Question for Reflection:
What’s your now word?


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