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Second Mile, Second Nature with Dan Cathy

Season 4 | Episode 3

What does it look like to go the second mile as a leader? In this episode, Chick-fil-A Chairman Dan T. Cathy shares the Chick-fil-A origin story and why he calls it a leadership development organization disguised as a restaurant.   


So Good Moments: 

  • Why it’s important to marry the mission but date the methods. 
  • How Dan T. Cathy begins with the end in mind and defines the culture at Chick-fil-A.
  • What the Bible says about going the second mile and why leaders should go beyond what’s expected.
  • Why it’s important to remember that every life has a story and how it changes the way we treat people.    
  • The importance of relationships and relevance when it comes to what’s next for the Church.  
  • How to become a learner and leader that elevates the whole organization. 

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