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The ABCs of Healthy Conflict in Leadership and Life

Season 4 | Episode 7

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Julie Mullins

December 19, 2022

Do you avoid conflict or see it as an opportunity for unity? In this episode, Pastor Julie is joined by Pastor Lisa Duvall and Pastor Karissa Robinson to discuss healthy conflict in leadership and life. You will learn practical tools to help you normalize conflict and become a peacemaker like Jesus.   


So Good Moments: 

  • Pastor Julie’s biggest leadership mistakes and what she learned from her first fight in marriage. 
  • How we can be an answer to Jesus’ prayer when we move in the direction of conflict and pursue unity.
  • How to navigate conflict if you are naturally a fighter or a fleer. 
  • Pastor Julie’s ABCs of conflict that you can use as tools in any relationship.    
  • Why it’s important to normalize conflict (and what a Snickers bar, an elephant, and a roll of quarters have to do with it). 
  • A sneak peek into season five of the So Good Sisterhood podcast.
  • Pastors Julie, Lisa, and Karissa’s fun Christmas traditions and more!

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