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So Good Friendship

Season 1 | Episode 4

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Julie Mullins

November 29, 2021

In this new episode of So Good Sisterhood, Pastor Lisa Duvall joins Pastor Julie for a candid conversation about friendship. Tune in to their discussion on cultivating long-term friendships, eliminating comparisons, and becoming the friend we wish we had.


"So Good" Moments: 

  • How Pastor Julie and Pastor Lisa have cultivated a long-term friendship and pushed through awkward moments along the way.
  • Advice for becoming inspired by your friends rather than intimidated. 
  • Why the greatest friendships are built in trenches, not benches. 
  • Practical ways to stay anchored in the truest thing about you when you’re lacking confidence.
  • The extra work that is required to go the distance in your friendships.

Question for Reflection: What’s your now word?


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