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The Courage to Tell Your Story with Irene Rollins

Season 5 | Episode 3

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Julie Mullins

February 20, 2023

What’s holding you back from telling your story? In this episode, Pastor Irene Rollins shares her journey of overcoming alcohol addiction and finding the courage to share her story. Irene equips you with confidence that your vulnerability could be the key to another person’s victory.    


So Good Moments: 

  • How Irene gained the confidence to begin to share her story of victory over addiction. 
  • Why our God stories hold the power to prophesy over someone else’s future.
  • How a story holds just as much power over a cup of coffee as it does on a platform.
  • The power of being entrusted with a particular type of suffering.     
  • How Irene brought her children along in the journey of vulnerability, healing, and ministry.

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