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Share Your Story With Us

We want to hear your God story!

Season 5 of the So Good Sisterhood podcast is all about how your story matters. And we’ve got an incredible lineup of God stories that will stir your faith. Also, we want to hear your story. How has God changed your life, brought you through a difficult time, or answered a seemingly impossible prayer? We’d love to hear it and may feature your story on the So Good Sisterhood podcast.  

Send us a voice memo: 

The easiest way for you to share your story with us is with a voice memo over at our CF Sisterhood Instagram account

A few things to keep in mind: 

  • Keep it under 2 minutes. 
  • Start out your voice memo with your name and what Christ Fellowship campus you attend. 
  • Avoid background noise. 

Or fill out this form: 

Don’t have an Instagram account? No problem. You can share your story with us by filling out this form.