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Leading with Extreme Confidence and Extreme Humility

Season 4 | Episode 5

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Julie Mullins

November 21, 2022

Will you lead with extreme confidence or extreme humility? The answer is yes! In this episode, Pastor Julie unpacks how to become a both/and kind of leader. You will learn what true humility really is, how to identify your blind spots, and practices that will increase your capacity.   


So Good Moments: 

  • Why Deborah from the Bible is an example of a woman who led spiritually and vocationally. 
  • Why you can’t be insecure and humble at the same time and how to move forward in true confidence.
  • Pastor Julie’s morning routine and how she developed a system to compensate for her weaknesses.
  • Who you should ask to help you identify your blind spots and the one question that changed Pastor Julie’s life.    
  • Key attributes that will increase your influence. 
  • The value of hidden service.

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