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Application Process

The Application process is a 4 phase process that will coincide throughout this journey.

Phase 1: In this phase, you will complete an eligibility assessment in which we will gather information on your history at Christ Fellowship, what group or groups you have participated in and what dream team you currently serve on, and some other information that is important to the application process.

Phase 2: Once your eligibility to apply has been established, you will receive access to our general application form to pursue the Leadership College. This phase is an opportunity for serious candidates to show interest, provide references, complete a background check, and credit check. The intro module will be the first step to introducing you to the Leadership College curriculum. Please read the “Blessed Life” by Robert Morris, “Spiritual Leadership” by Henry & Richard Blackaby and “The Life you’ve Always Wanted” by John Ortberg, and be prepared to either take a quiz or submit a reflection paper.

Phase 3: The applicants who are confirmed eligible and approved in Phase 1 and 2 will move on to the interview process. Here the Leadership Team will meet with you to confirm this is the right season for you to become a student for the Leadership College. It will also include tailored next steps for your development as a leader.
Phase 4: The candidates who are approved and accepted into the program will move into Phase 4, during which candidates will be drafted into cadres based on their fit within the specific cadre for the next launch.
Note: The candidates who have been approved upon completion of Phase 3, but are not selected for a specific cadre (because of timing or fit) will be placed on a priority list for the following launch.
Note: Applications are online and available starting July 1; however, any application received on October 1 or later will be considered for the January 2023 launch.