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Vision 2022

Every dollar you give to Christ Birthday Offering will make a difference toward continuing our impact both locally and globally, and supporting additional initiatives like these…

In partnership with World Serve, CFKids and CFStudents will be a part of building large-scale, sustainable, solar-powered water wells in Tanzania as we seek to help solve the world water crisis by 2030—which would mean universal and equitable access to clean water for every person on the planet.

Through Hand of Hope, we will be a part of a project for vulnerable communities in South Africa called Seeds of Hope which will provide education through a school, nutritious meals through a feeding center, fresh water through a community well, and jobs through an agriculture program.

In partnership with OneHope, this year, we will help deliver its Book of Hope Scripture book to one hundred million children around the world. 

Through Speak Life End Bullying the Musical, we will be part of sharing this film with one million students in one thousand schools in just one year as we partner to end bullying together. 

In partnership with Convoy of Hope, we will continue to be amongst the first on the ground bringing hope in disasters and feeding over 387,000 kids in 17 different countries on a daily basis.

Through CityHouse, we will renovate 5 more houses for homeless single moms and their children so they have a safe place to call home. We will also begin efforts to open up homes in the northern region.

In partnership with Project 42, we will be part of bringing the hope and message of Jesus to 42% of the world’s population still waiting to hear it through the startup of small businesses like CrossFit gyms, coffee shops, and creative arts facilities in unreached regions that wouldn’t otherwise be open to traditional missionary methods.

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