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Rip the Roof Off | Jimmy Rollins

The weekend doesn't have to end. Keep Talking with this week's guide.

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Jimmy Rollins

July 19, 2021

Start Talking.

Christ Fellowship heard an incredible message this past weekend from Pastor Jimmy Rollins about the full potential of the church. As we dive into the content of his teaching, let’s ask a few questions…

  • What comes to your mind when you think of the local church?
  • Have you ever experienced a moment when you felt “carried” to Jesus?

Keep Reading.

Read these Scriptures out loud:

Mark 2:1-6

Pastor Jimmy made some key observations about this passage of Scripture before he got into the heart of his message. Let’s take a closer look at some of them now. 

  • In this story we see the paralyzed man could not reach Jesus because of the crowd. Are we doing anything that is hindering the ability of people to reach Jesus? Or to see and experience the love of God? 
  • There is a testimony in our church. We can borrow faith from those around us. Courage can be gained from the thought, “If they can make it, I can make it.” Have you ever been in a difficult situation where the Body of Christ came alongside you in some way that gave you the ability to keep moving forward?
  • Jesus was in the house. We know this gathering of people were united in having their attention on Him. In this current season so many are highlighting all of our differences. Pastor Jimmy spoke of what unites us. We all have need of salvation. We don’t have to take “sides.” Our focus should be vertical. What does it look like to cultivate Kingdom culture in our world right now? 

Keep Talking.

How can we rip the roof off to make more room for paralyzed people? 

1. Move in PURPOSE.

  • The paralyzed man had friends who moved forward with intention. They were going to do whatever needed to be done. In the same way we need to walk in purpose. You do not just GO to church. You ARE the Church. When you step back and examine your life, do you move through each day out with the goal of connecting people to Jesus? What are some things that may hinder you?

“The power of the church is in the hands of Jesus. But the potential of the church is in the hands of His people.”

2. Move in COMPASSION.

  • After being healed, the once disabled man was instructed to pick up his mat and take it with him. (Mark 2:10) It was a reminder of where he had been stuck for many hopeless years. A glimpse back into your personal history can give you a spirit of compassion for people as they experience their own difficult situations. Do you remember your “mat," the place where you were in bondage and grappling with despair? What do you see when you look back? 

“Your greatest misery has the potential to be your greatest ministry.”

3. Move in URGENCY.

  • The men did not back down until they found a solution to get inside to Jesus. In the same way, there should be no room for complacency in our lives. Where are some areas where you have taken down your guard? Where you’ve settled? What are some tools that can help you fight this in your day-to-day life? 

“Let’s take steps to go higher so we can see Kingdom perspective.”

4. Move in FAITH. 

  • In this beautiful story from the Bible we can see that the faith of some purpose-filled men completely rewrote the story of someone’s life. You can also have a significant impact on those around you. Have you thought of your faith in this context before? Or have you always thought of it as something personal—just for you?

“Your faith can determine someone else’s future.” 

Keep Moving/Going.

Let’s look for ways to put into practice what we have learned from the teaching. 

  • How can you pick up the corner of someone’s mat today to help them get closer to Jesus? 

Keep Praying.

  • Prayer requests from everyone at group.
  • Pray.

Keep Praising.

“We Praise You” – Bethel Music

“God So Loved” – We The Kingdom

“Another In The Fire” – Hillsong UNITED

“Never Lost” – Elevation Worship

“Break Every Chain” – Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Or check out our "Faith Over Fear" playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

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