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Give to the Crisis in Ukraine

Updates from our partners on the ground.

We are mourning the news of what’s taking place in Ukraine. Our hearts are with the Ukrainian people as we pray for protection—and ultimately peace. Through our partners on the ground, we will be aiding in relief efforts.

Looking for how you can help? In addition to your regular giving, you can be a part of the relief efforts by giving to the Crisis Fund now.

Latest Updates From Our Partners

  • Our partner, Convoy of Hope, is on the ground in Europe helping refugees in desperate need of relief. Today, the team will arrive in Poland to provide shelter, food, water, hygiene items, and other necessities.
  • Our partner, World Help, is working with those on the ground in Ukraine by providing physical help like food, water, shelter, clothing, and blankets, as well as spiritual hope through the distribution of Bibles.
  • Through Joyce Meyer and the Hand of Hope ministry, we are providing help to fleeing refugees arriving at the borders of Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Slovakia—the majority being women and children. We are also aiding in efforts, as possible, through the Hand of Hope office in Kyiv.
  • Through our partnership with Christine Caine and the Zoe Network of Churches, the global Church is uniquely positioned in Poland, Bulgaria, and Greece to meet the pressing needs in real time of those displaced.