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How Well Can You Decipher Youth Lingo?

Test your knowledge of these popular words and acronyms.

With every new generation comes new trends—and yes, even new words! As you celebrate all of the graduates and the next generation, take a minute to test your knowledge of youth lingo! To take this fun quiz, read the word in bold and choose the answer that seems like the correct “translation.” Tally your score using the answer key at the end—and don’t forget to share with a friend to see which one of you is cooler. 


a. Short for sustain, referring to someone who sustains or supports you.

b. Short for suspicious, referring to someone or something that feels off.

c. Short for susceptible, meaning someone gullible or easily tricked.

d. Acronym for Standing Up Straight, meaning someone with good posture.


a. Something so bad it’s worth burning down. 

b. Something cool, awesome, or stylish.

c. Acronym for False Information Recognized Everywhere.

d. Short for fireproof; something indestructible or lasting. 


a. Synonym for style or something fashionable. 

b. Sweaty.

c. A way to combine the word dream and trip—meaning you are living your dream or taking your dream trip.

d. Clumsy, spilling things, and tripping all over the place. 


a. All over the place, unorganized.

b. Awful, terrible.

c. The meaning varies, but it can mean a well-done insult, bravery/lack of care, or extremely cool.

d. The meaning varies, but it can mean dead, lifeless, or uncool.

5. WYA

a. A text acronym short for “Where you at?”

b. A way of combining WHY and WAAAAA, as if to say, “Why? This makes me sad.”

c. A text acronym short for “What’s your address?”

d. A text acronym short for “When’s your arrival?” 


a. An acronym for “Your Extra Energy Today.”

b. To forcefully throw an object. 

c. An expressive word you can use when throwing something or saying yes.

d. Both b and c. 


a. Sweaty.

b. Uncomfortable.

c. Jealous.

d. Excited.


a. Short for standard, meaning dud, boring, or party-pooper.

b. Acronym for “Sit, Talk And do Nothing.” 

c. Stan is the male version of “Karen.” 

d. The combination of stalker and fan, meaning you’re obsessed.

9. FIT

a. Short for outfit.

b. Slang for fit body, in shape. 

c. Short for fitbit. 

d. Acronym for Finished In Time.

10. VSF

a. A texting acronym for Very Sad Face.

b. A texting acronym for Very Strong Friend.

c. A texting acronym for Very Silly Face.

d. A texting acronym for Very Strong Force.

11. TIME

a. Slang for “Hurry up!” 

b. Slang for “You need a time out.”

c. Texting acronym for Tears In My Eyes.

d. Slang for “It’s time to go.” 

12. OPP

a. Short for opponent, meaning competitor or enemy.

b. Short for opportunity. 

c. Texting acronym meaning Other People’s Property.

d. Short for oppressive. Meaning it’s not fair. 


1) b  2) b  3) a  4) c  5) a  6) d  7) c  8) d  9) a  10) a  11) c  12) a