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Give a Different Kind of Gift This Christmas

Every Christmas, we come together as a church to give a special offering that helps to fund our mission projects throughout the year. Every dollar you give through your Christ Birthday Offering will deliver hope to those who need it most.
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Stories of Impact

WorldServe Water Trucks
WorldServe Water Trucks
Mama Susan
Mama Susan
Hear Cynthia share in her own words how this water well built by Christ Fellowship will impact her life.

Every dollar you give to Christ Birthday Offering will make a difference toward continuing our impact both locally and globally.

Through our partnership with WorldServe, Christ Fellowship Kids and CFStudents will be a part of building solar-powered water wells in Kenya.
In partnership with Convoy of Hope, we will continue to be among the first on the ground amidst disasters and feeding over 533,000 children in 33 different countries on a daily basis.
Through 4Kids and Place of Hope, we will expand our foster care initiatives across our region—helping every child find a home and equipping every home with the resources they need.
In partnership with local schools, sports teams, and Bible clubs, we will continue reaching the hearts and minds of the next generation as we Get There First.
Through our new partnership with Watoto Ministries, we will sponsor a Watoto Village for a year—caring for 72 orphaned kids and their village mothers through food, clothing, medical care, and education.
In partnership with Embrace a Village, we will support its shoe van ministry as it travels to different communities in India, providing critical supportive footwear for leprosy patients in need.
Through our various partners around the world, Christ Fellowship Missions will lead international mission trips to Africa, Asia, and South and Central America.
In partnership with FIRM, we will continue to provide long-term relief efforts for all those directly impacted by the crisis situation in Israel.

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What should I give?

Christ Birthday Offering is a special offering we get to be a part of every Christmas, where we give above our regular tithes and offerings to help fund our mission projects throughout the year. There isn't a set amount you should give, but we often say our Christ Birthday Offering is the greatest gift on our list because its joy will outlast and outlive any other gift we will give! We encourage you to pray about how God wants you to be a part of it.

When can I give my offering?

Traditionally, we give to the Christ Birthday Offering during our Christmas Services. However, you can give your offering any time throughout the Christmas season!

What does the Christ Birthday Offering go to?

Every dollar you give to Christ Birthday Offering will make a difference toward continuing our impact both locally and globally through our mission projects throughout the year. Read more about the Vision for 2024.